If you or someone you know is considering purchasing a Second home, Vacation or Retirement property anywhere in the country, and would like a top real estate professional to assist with the research, and/or a  home tour in that area, please contact me. I would love to help.

if you are beginning to think . . .

“I'd love to have a home closer to my grandchildren.”

“A second home could be a good investment.”

“I've always wanted to live near water.”

“Winter's cold is starting to get to me.”

“Give me GOLF year-round!”

. . . this is the time to begin!


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Why contact Judy’s Broker Network?

What is our Competitive Advantage?

When my friends asked me if a national referral business was a new idea, I assured them to the contrary. Recalling the challenge of many a sales trainer to be able to tell the story of your business to someone as together you climb one floor on an elevator, I said:

“Most referrals are a Hand-off. Ours is a Handshake!”

I liked the sound of my new tagline, and if you will go up a few more floors with me, I’ll expand upon the concept.

Often someone relocating will ask their Realtor® to connect them with a professional in their new town. That agent will go to his/her Relocation Director, (Hand-off #1) or in a very large firm, the Outgoing Referrals Coordinator, and give them the name and address of the person leaving town, asking them to make a connection.

The Coordinator will walk over to her shelf and pull down one of two or three two pound books; possibly, the Employee Relocation Council Directory, or in a franchise organization, their national directory. The Coordinator will turn to the city desired, flip to their “sister” office there, call, or email that office’s Referrals  Coordinator (Hand-off #2) and “place the listing.”

This Coordinator will then turn over the lead to an agent (Hand-off #3) in his/her office, typically on a rotating, “next agent up,” or floor time  basis. And finally, that person will call the person  relocating,  and begin the process. At that point the agent has only a name and telephone number, and the relationship starts fresh. Not very personal VERY administrative!

Compare that process to ours at Judy’s Broker Network

Someone, often a prior  or referred client, sometimes a new website friend,  in search of a real estate professional anywhere in the country contacts me. I complete a questionnaire with them in order to understand their motivation for this move,  their time frame, requirements and desires for housing, including towns most interested in, architecture, floor plan, price range, financing, travel distances, and lot amenities.

I then discuss with each person their other-than-housing needs…the issues unique and intimate to each person making a move… educational, health, social. We talk about connections that person might like to make in their new community… not-for-profit volunteering, career networking for the significant other, special needs children, special needs parents. We talk about it all, including what “style” agent they would most like to work  and are most comfortable with“ aggressive, laid back, other specifics?

The search begins....JBN's secret formula for making Matches that Work. Beginning with a personal network developed over four decades in the business, I cull the inventory of leadership level brokers in that area, brokers known, as well,  for superb customer service. I  evaluate their sales record, we well, heir communication skills and dedication to their work.

With zero degrees of separation, and what feels like  A Handshake, I select THE right professional. Interviewing process completed, I have found a broker who I feel meshes with the buyer, or with the homeowner, wishing to market and sell his/her home. Pleased  with the connection, I forward an agreement to the agent, with instructions as to how he is to communicate during the purchase or sale process, both with the client, and with me. On my part, I agree to be available to both the client and the agent for brainstorming and strategizing until the transaction is closed.

No hand-off. Zero degrees of separation. A smooth transition, A Handshake at the end between myself and the real estate professional on the other end who understands how each of us will work together to fulfill the wishes of our mutual client.