In the late 1770's Dr. Johann Georg von Zimmerman foretold
the launch of my new venture when he wrote:

“Never lose sight of this important truth, that no one can be truly great
until he has gained a knowledge of himself, a knowledge
which can only be acquired by occasional retirement.”

My Gifts of “Occasional Retirement”

Since selling Judy Columbus inc.  Real Estate & Relocation in 1999, and Hometown Funding inc. a few years earlier, my energies have been devoted to chairing the Realtors' Charitable Foundation, serving on the board of Golisano Children's Hospital, entertaining friends, consulting with young entrepreneurs and small businesses, working on a few political campaigns, and with my husband, Richard, spending joyful hours with our grandchildren, Max and Lily, as well as  traveling to New Zealand, Australia, Eastern Europe, British Columbia, and our national parks, with the added joy of spending winters in Palm Desert, Ca. In the little time left, a little time spent writing a business book
“Managing Mistakes: The Art of Turning Things Around.”

During that time my professional efforts focused on referring home buyers to RealtorsĀ® from coast-to coast &hellp; many of whom were purchasing Second Homes. Rochesterians, as well as those outside our town, asked me to connect them with a broker who could help them to:

  • find a vacation/second home in Florida, Pennsylvania, the Adirondacks, California
  • market and sell the home of a parent entering an assisted living facility
  • locate an income property for their daughter to live in and rent out while in medical school
  • identify health, legal, and educational professionals and programs in their new community

For these “assignments,” I was often able to make a match with a broker known through 40 years of networking in the real estate industry. I gained an appreciation of the value of this service through calls and emails:

  • “We found a gorgeous home at a great price in THIS market? Don was awesome!”
  • “So relieved.! Our RealtorĀ® simplified and managed every detail of a complicated process.”
  • “As strangers, we felt safe and secure with an agent who had been referred by you.”
  • “Ann Marie met our timeline, showing thirteen golf communities in 1½ days!”
  • “We found just what we wanted … a retirement home within two blocks of grandchildren.”

So, Back to Work!

I am now available full-time to expedite such connections, matching each homebuyer or seller's needs with specialists in the sale of mid to high-end properties which could become your primary, vacation, or retirement home.

Services of Judy's Broker Network are without charge to you as a buyer or seller, as fees on successful transactions are shared by referring and selling agencies. Please call or email, and let me know how I may help with a prospective transition … even if the project seems yet a dream!


Office: 585.259.9139

To those with whom I have a prior professional relationship, “Welcome Back,” Only for your business and good will have I reached this point.

To future clients, I look forward to meeting and working with you.

To all, please visit our website regularly, as we report real estate news including trends in second home communities, comparative costs of living, and “hot” retirement cities.

Let's talk soon,